Welcome to Ali Trust Pakistan

Ali Trust Pakistan, being a non-governmental, non-profit philanthropic organization is dedicated to serve the under privileged segments of Pakistani society particularly in the field of education and healthcare. The Trust is duly registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860. The services provided by the Trust, which is purely a Family Trust, are absolutely free in all the educational institutions, hospital and clinics etc. Number of projects being run currently by the Trust is twenty three (23).

Inception of Ali Trust Pakistan

Philanthropy, in simple words, signifies acts done for the welfare of mankind. Islamic injunctions make act of charity obligatory. It was in the pursuit of this context that the idea of establishing Ali Trust Pakistan (ATP) was conceived and translated into reality some four (04) decades ago by Mr. Mehmood-ul-Haq Alvi, the founder President of Ali Trust Pakistan.

Thematic Areas

2Health care
3Religious and Vocational Education
4Establishment of Masajid
5Ramadan packages
6Free transport
7Clean Drinking Water
8Financial assistance to needy

Break up of institutions of Ali Trust Pakistan

Educational Institutions
Health Care Institutions
Vocational Training
Religious Educational Institution
Masajid / Mosques

Financial Support to Deserving

The beneficiaries of this program are mostly the students pursuing higher education in various national as well as international universities and elite centers of education.

The other categories of beneficiaries are the ones who are poor, sick and needy and are critically unable to live their life. As a policy of the Trust (as instructed by the President, ATP) the names and numbers of such beneficiaries remains strictly confidential.

Financial support to the victims of natural disasters such as floods and earth quake. Here again beneficiaries’ numbers and names remain confidential.

Enrollment in Educational Institutions

The enrollment of students in the educational institutions is almost 4,600, with the break-up  as under.

 S.N Name of School Total
1 Ali Trust College, Lehtrar Road, Islamabad 396
2 Ali Trust Model School, Khanna, Islamabad 881
3 Ali Trust Secondary School, G-14, Islamabad 503
4 Ali Trust Girls Higher Secondary School, Bostan, Rawalpindi 526
5 Ali Trust Model (Primary) School, Bhaun, Chakwal 312
6 Ali Trust Girls High School, Okara 1399
7 Ali Trust Boys High School Pakpattan 294
8 Ali Trust Girls High School Pakpattan 289
Total Students 4600

Currently the number of beneficiaries of Ali Trust Pakistan is almost 400,000 annually.

S.N Project Daily Monthly Annually
1 Educational Institutions 4,600 4,600 4,600
2 Surgeries in Eyes Hospital 56 1667 20,000
3 OPD PATIENTS 356 10,667 128,000
4 Free Transport 222 6,667 80,000
5 Clean Drinking Water 28 83 1,000
6 T.B. Clinic 17 200
7 Dispensary 106 3,167 38,000
8 Mobile Dispensary 106 2,333 28,000
9 Ramadan Package 100,000
Total Beneficiaries 5,446 29,201 400,000

Flagship Institutions

The flagship institutions of Ali Trust Pakistan are  Ali Trust College, Islamabad  &  Ali Trust Free Eye Hospital, Okara.